Serial Number Help

How to Locate Your Digital Fashion Pro Serial Number

Thank you for your Digital Fashion Pro Order. We appreciate your business.

Here is how to locate your serial numbers:

  1. Your serial number came on the invoice / receipt paper that was in your package.
  2. You can find your serial number by logging into your online account.

  1. Next go to previous orders
  2. Then to comment section. There you will see your serial number.
  3. If you have forgot your password to the your account – use the email you ordered with to reset your password. 
  4. Note – ALL of our customers have an online account and you do too 🙂
  5. FYI – Per our licensing agreement, you can only install Digital Fashion Pro on 1 computer. You can buy additional license. Email us for details.
  6. Digital Fashion Pro cannot be given to another user, sold to another user, transferred to any other user, device or upload. See Terms and Conditions.