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Digital Fashion Pro - Fashion Design Software - Design Your Own Clothes Sketches


September 2023: Design your own clothes & fashion sketches with DIGITAL FASHION PRO VX PROFESSIONAL FASHION DESIGN SOFTWARE – the ultimate digital clothing design system, fashion designer training, graphic design training, clothing line business startup kit and global manufacturing contacts to make your apparel wrapped in one. DFP is used worldwide by Industry Fashion Designers, Clothing Brands, Beginners & taught in Hundreds of Schools. Use Your DFP Digital Sketches to: showcase to buyers, clients, apparel manufacturers, line sheets, tech packs, portfolios, catalogs, digital samples, apparel production, start your own clothing line / fashion brand & more. And the Best Feature – You DO NOT have to know how to draw OR hand sketch AS you create beautiful, professional fashion designer level, digital sketches with Digital Fashion Pro. DFP makes it super easy for you to create without limits within minutes. Get it Here Today to get started on your designs!

DIGITAL FASHION PRO 2024 VX clothing design software is a SUPER EASY, complete apparel designing system, consisting of thousands of customizable STYLE / clothing templates, hundreds of digital fabrics, materials, button & zipper templates, model poses, mannequins, vector artwork, fast-track step by step tutorials and a free graphics editing program. These features work together to inspire your collections, jumpstart your creativity, and give you the ability to create professional fashion sketches & clothing designs even if you can’t draw. Browse through categorized DFP garment templates, pick one to build your design from, add your design elements, + optional artwork or logos, then incorporate a DFP digital fabric or print into your design to give it a Life-like look! You can also even add your own scanned in fabrics to your designs. Being able to visualize your fashion concepts is one of the most crucial components of being a fashion designer. Easily achieve this goal and more with Digital Fashion Pro.

Fashion Design Software - program for designing your own clothing - Digital Fashion Pro

TOP 20 DFP FASHION design Software FEATURES THAT Our Clients Love!

* PERFECT For Beginners and Professional Designers

* DESIGN Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, a Fashion Brand

* DRAWING Skills Are Not Required (AT ALL)

* FAST & Super Easy to Use (See the Videos)

* TOOLS To Start Your Own Clothing Line / Create Tech Packs

* BECOME A Fashion Designer / Taught Fashion Designer Skills

* 1,000’s Of Customizable Clothing Templates

* EASILY Experiment W/ Different Colors & Fabrics

* USE Your Sketches for Line Sheets, Portfolios, Catalogs

* LEARN How to make your own prints and artwork

* HUNDREDS Of Digital Fabrics, Materials & Prints

* ABILITY To Import Your Own Fabrics & Artwork Into Templates

* DRAW / CREATE Realistic / Professional Fashion Sketches

* INCLUDES Step by Step Training Videos

* GET Global List of Apparel Manufacturers to Make Your Clothing

* DESIGN Women’s Wear, Menswear, Baby & Kid Clothing

* SHOWCASE Your Designs to Buyers, Clients, Suppliers…

* USE Your Sketches / Mockups to Get Your Clothing Made

* LEARN How to make your own technical sketches & spec sheets

* FREE Lifetime Technical Support / Awesome Customer Service!

Ruffle Shirt 2023 - Fashion Design Software Sketches - Digital Fashion Pro - 5 Womens Designer Blouse with Model


As a trusted brand for over 19 years, Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software is powering the designs of countless professional fashion designers, clothing lines, fashion brands and beginners worldwide. Digital Fashion Pro Academic Edition is taught in over 400+ Fashion Design CTE / FCS Fashion Design Classes on The High School and College Level. The Digital Fashion Pro System has also been used by Designers From Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Nicky Hilton, Billionaire Mafia, Calvin Klein, Mendicino Designs, Bill Blass, Ralph Lauren, NBA Players, NFL Players, Reality TV Stars and many more. Fashion Designers and Clothing Brands rely on Digital Fashion Pro to design their collections, technical sketches, tech packs, lines sheets and look-books. Add Digital Fashion Pro as your go-to fashion design tool today!




System Requirements: Works on Windows, MacOS & Chromebook. Worldwide Shipping, Orders Ship Out Within 2 Business Days Via USPS, Arrives on DFP USB Drive


+ Shop Now / Pay Later Option (Split Your Order Into 4 Payments With PAYPAL)

Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software - Version 10 2023



1 Item!
Digital Fashion Pro Basic Edition VX
Design Basic Pants, Tees, Shorts, Polos for Men and Women
300 Clothing Templates, Male & Female Model Pose (Front & Back), Arms out and Arms down
100 Digital Fabrics
Step by Step Training / Free Technical Support
Regular Price $399. Lifetime License. No Monthly or Yearly Fees.
On Sale Today for $199 or 4 Payments of $50 via PayPal

UPGRADE LATER? It is possible to buy a smaller package and then upgrade to a higher package later for $75 + price difference. Must be done within 1 year. $25 Upgrade Fee if done within the first 30 days.
Or 4 Payments of $75
2) DFP VX Business Class

4 Items!
Digital Fashion Pro Business Class
Everything In Basic Edition +
1400 Digital Fabrics
Total of 1100 Clothing Templates
Design Dresses, Sportswear, Swimwear, Lingerie, Jackets, Hoodies, Dress Shirts, Blouses, Baby & Kid
Get Basic, Beyond the Basics Training, Style Pack 1, Digital Fabric Library
Regular Price: $599. Lifetime License. No Monthly or Yearly Fees.
On Sale Today for $299 or 4 Payments of $75 via PayPal

Or 4 Payments of $75

6 Items!
Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition
Everything In Business Class +
Total of 1525 Clothing Templates
Design Shoes, Sneakers, Heels, Boots, Sandals, Dress Shoes, Handbags and Accessories
Design Jeans
Get Basic, Style Pack 1, Digital Fabric Library, Beyond the Basics, Shoes & Accessories, Denim Wash Factory Effects
Regular Price: $824. Lifetime License. No Monthly or Yearly Fees.
On Sale Today For $349 or 4 Payments of $88 via PayPal

Or 4 Payments of $94

10 Items!
Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Mogul
Everything In Industry Edition +
The Start Your Own Clothing Line Package! Guide to Starting a Line Course
+ List of 225 Clothing Manufacturers
Adds Fashion Business Center Items – Specs Sheet Templates, Ordering Forms, Forecasting Tools, Grading Templates, Line Sheet Templates
Get Basic, Style Pack 1, Digital Fabric Library, Beyond the Basics, Shoes & Accessories, Denim Wash Factory Effects, Start a Clothing Line Course, Ultimate Manufacturers List, Fashion Business Center, Digital Fabric Pack 12F
Regular Price $1000. Lifetime License. No Monthly or Yearly Fees.
On Sale Today For $395 or 4 Payments of $99 via PayPal

Or 4 Payments of $144

25 Items!
Everything In Fashion Mogul +
Design Any Clothing Style + Start Your Own Line!
Total of 3,000+ Clothing Templates
Adds More Styles + Vector Artwork
Get 3 Additional Women’s Poses with the Storyboard Creator (Runway, Edge, Red Carpet)
Mega Vector Art Pack (Artwork to use in your designs)
Style Pack 2 (Rompers, Jumpsuits, Wrap Dresses)
Suits Pack (Dress Suits Jackets)
Red Carpet Pose
Dress 2B Pack (More Dresses)
Heel Pack 2 (More Shoes)
Digital Print Pack

Style Blast X Highlights:

*The Small Batch Explosion Contact List eBook of Worldwide – Clothing Manufacturers that can and will make small quantities
The Animal Kingdom Vector Art
Menswear Pose & Runway Model
Plus-Size Wear Model & Runway Model
Maternity Poses (2)
Young Boy and Young Girl Model, Teen Models

Regular Price $1500. Lifetime License. No Monthly or Yearly Fees.
On Sale Today For $549 or 4 Payments of $138 via PayPal

Compare Digital Fashion Pro Packages - fashion design software choices



Let Digital Fashion Pro Empower You!.


M-Mendincino-Digital-Fashion-Pro-ClientTestimonials and reviews

“I am loving this program and it is quite easy to use. I am thrilled and so excited to have my designs come to life! The information I received from your book “How to start a Clothing Line” proved to be so valuable to me as I was able to save so much time and it really prevented me from making costly mistakes. BRAVO to you guys for making my dreams come true! A fashion designer is born!!!”

– M. Mendicino – Women’s Wear Designer, USA

Vida-Craddock-Digital-Fashion-Pro-ClientTestimonials and reviews


“I love your software and recommend it any chance I get. You were my life saver and self-esteem. You helped me make my freelance designs a success. THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING THOSE WHO JUST CAN’T GO TO THE FASHION SCHOOLS and giving us the same opportunity to be just as good and successful by using your software.” 
– Vida Craddock – Designs by Vida, Los Angeles, USA
“Here’s the truth: You don’t have to be a talented artist to have a successful fashion business but you do need to have professional drawings of your designs in order to communicate with your production partners and avoid costly mistakes. The way to do that is to use a digital program that makes creating sketches of your designs an easy task that you no longer need to pay to outsource. I recently learned about Digital Fashion Pro, a complete fashion design software and clothing line start-up kit. In doing my research about the product, I decided to partner with DFP because I think what they offer is a fantastic option for both idea stage businesses that are trying to get off the ground and growth stage businesses that are ready to streamline internal design processes.
– Nicole G – Founder of (A website for emerging fashion designers)


“I found your company by doing a yahoo search for fashion illustration software. I must admit that I am very suspicious of internet companies but when I saw your client list I realized that some of the schools that I had investigated were your clients. I immediately ordered Digital Fashion Pro along with 3 of your text books. I love your books because they give a realistic view of the fashion world. While loading the software I was getting excited because I knew that I now owned software that I had thought I would only be trained to use. I knew for sure that I had made a good purchase when I showed a friend of mine who is a Casting Director here in Hollywood the software and he stood shocked then finally told me that Linda S (one of the hottest celebrity designers in Hollywood used the same software!)…”

— Lynn Bridges Couture – Los Angeles, CA


My Fashion Design high school class learned to use the Digital Fashion Pro Basic. Together we went through the steps of learning the program designing individual t-shirts, then each student designed their own outfit of top and pants / shorts. They were asked to be a creative as possible.

They loved it! Many wanted to do more – dresses, shoes, children’s clothes, handbags, etc. I told them we needed to upgrade to the Academic Version to do this for the future and many signed up to take an advanced course so they can work with the program again.”

– Barbara Sill, Creekview High School, Family & Consumer Science, Texas


“I love Digital Fashion Pro and every day I learn something new. It’s funny. I surprise myself at times. Denim Wash Factory was the hardest part at first, now I’m a beast at it! Your products along with other things in my life that has happened makes me go hard at becoming a great fashion designer and pushing my own clothing line….” 

— Demond Siobon – Yorgea Clothing


“Dear Digital Fashion Pro producer,

I`m pleased to share the joy with you that my dreams from scratching on papers have finally come to an end! I`m a single mom with a 5 year old boy. I work and I do so many activities with my son. Still I manage to keep up with my dreams of one day becoming a successful Designer. I`m almost getting there because my work has become so much easier through Digital Fashion Pro as I`m now able to let my ideas flow in all the direction and in only a few minutes.

Thank you again to the producer of Digital Fashion Pro

God Bless”

— Tina Wande


“I was very impressed with the amount of templates that came with the system for the price. I found everything I wanted and more!”

— Keith G., Los Angeles, CA.


“Thank you for the tutorials! I’m so happy. and it was easy too. When I did it a couple of times I was psyched. I stayed up all night making different T-shirts. Thanks a whole lot and keep up the good work.”

— Calvin Saunders


“My designing has picked up a few notches as a result of using Digital Fashion Pro. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants their designs to look flawless.”

— Johnny W. – Dallas, TX


“After using Digital Fashion Pro, I realized that Harper Arrington has just made life for me easier! I’m in love with this product. Thanks guys!”

— Brent, Los Angeles


“I’ve used a few other fashion design programs and none are even in the same league with Digital Fashion Pro. I honestly don’t know why you guys are selling at such a great price.”

— Wendy Lee — New York, NY


“Digital Fashion Pro is a dream come true for me. I’ve always wanted to design but sketching wasn’t my strong point. After using Digital Fashion Pro over the course of 2 months, I became super good at it. I was surprised myself at how my designs were looking. I love the feedback I have been getting as well! Thanks Harper Arrington.”

— Gina — New York, NY


“The video tutorials are awesome! I love the fact that the tutorials teach you step by step how to get up and running. The guy on the video tutorials sounds great as well.”

— Philip T. London, Ontario.


“I actually bought this product for my 13 year old and she loves it. She was interested in designing clothes and I wanted to get her something that wasn’t too expensive to encourage her. I wondered was Digital Fashion Pro too advanced for her but customer service at Harper Arrington reassured me that because of the tutorials that come with the system, she wouldn’t have a problem learning how to work the program. They were right! Excellent guys! My baby just might become the next hot fashion designer!”

— Tracy N, Los Angeles, CA.

“Digital Fashion Pro is great. I think anyone no matter what level of designing their on will appreciate this product. Customer service is great as well! I’m not easy to impress but I have to say that Digital Fashion Pro is everything Harper Arrington states it is and more! “

— Zachary A., Chicago, IL


“I always wanted to design children’s clothing. I love the fact that Digital Fashion Pro included this aspect of fashion.”

— Dorothy R, Denver, CO


“A fashion designer or company can’t go wrong with this product. Digital Fashion Pro has everything! Just the other day, I designed some hot denim jeans based on the knowledge I learned from the Denim Wash Factory and I couldn’t wait to have my manufacturer make them!”

— Chris D., Seattle, WA


“I like the aspect of making technical sketches to be the best feature of Digital Fashion Pro to me. Manufacturers get a real idea of how I want my clothing to look.”

— Michael S., New York, NY


“2 Thumbs way up for Digital Fashion Pro. I still do sketching every now and then if I’m not by a computer but you better believe once I get home, I’m transferring my concept into the perimeters of Digital Fashion Pro.”

— Harvey O., Washington, D.C.


“I love all of the fabric choices. Everything is here! Digital Fabric is sweet because it has my designs actually looking like I can wear them right off the screen. Now that’s hot!”

— Sheila M., San Francisco, CA


“Creating line sheets and story boards with Digital Fashion Pro is super easy! Really, all of my designing needs are made easy with this program. When I finished my design degree I wanted a fashion design software that would help me excel. Digital Fashion Pro did just that. My portfolio rocks. I’ve got so many new clients from showing them my hand drawn sketches and my Digital Sketches from Digital Fashion Pro at the same time. Not to mention, Digital Fashion Pro is fun to use! “

— Beverly F., New York, NY


“I like the fact that I was also able to add a few fabrics that I already had to the system. I was also able to scan in some of my sketches and retrace them in the system to give them an added presence. Digital Fashion Pro is wonderful!

— Travis, T. Metro Manila, Philippines


“My product arrived on time. I was a little skeptical of course because I live in South West Rocks, Australia. I ordered anyway. Needless to say, the product arrived and worked as I expected. Cheers to Harper Arrington! Great program. I still can’t believe they actually put a fashion design software together that really represented the true essence of fashion design to a fashion designer. Your slogan about the freedom to create is on the money!”

Jim L., South West Rocks, Australia


“Once I saw the video tutorials and I was able to make my own design within minutes, I realized that buying Digital Fashion Pro was the best decision I ever made!

— Billy T., New York, NY


“First I want to tell you guys that your software exceeded my expectations, I can’t believe how easy and great it is. I wish all you guys the best and please come up with some new fashion software with different techniques I will buy all of them because the way you guys go by explaining it’s better than most college teacher go by doing it.”

— Aly, Los Angeles, CA


“I found Digital Fashion Pro to be everything your web page said it was. The video tutorial really helped me get right into designing without missing a beat. An excellent value for the price. It actually exceeded my expectations.”

— Harry Booth – Toronto, Ontario


“I chose Digital Fashion Pro for my company because I knew right away that the benefits of stream lining our design process here would save us time and money.”

— Francis R, New York, New York


“I actually found your web site while I was looking for something else. I am glad I did. Digital Fashion Pro is fabulous!”

— Pam C., Toronto, Ontario


“I love Digital Fashion Pro! It has made all the difference in my designing. I can draw very good but I still like duplicating my hand drawn sketches in Digital Fashion Pro for a more realistic look. My technical sketches come out better in Digital Fashion Pro too… Sending my designs to my manufacturer is a snap because of Digital Fashion Pro. Manufacturers actually get my samples right the first time around now.”

— Janice McCormick – Boston, MA


“I love designing with this product!”

— Betty S. Salford, Great Britain

How to Start A Thriving Clothing Line


So you want to know How to Start a Clothing Line? But Where Do You Start? How Will You Design Your Clothing? Who Will Make Your Clothing? How Do You Find Investors? How Do You Get Your Line In Stores? How To Get Started On a Small Budget? How Do You Increase Your Chance of Success? Is There Help For Beginners? Yes there is! We recommend our Fashion Mogul or our Style Blast Edition that offer you A-Z Help on Navigating the Fashion Industry. Either of these two resources will give you the step by step direction on how to start a clothing line, design it and get your clothing made. Get our Winning Strategies to help you stand out, excel and thrive! We can help you start and grow your fashion brand into a industry success story! When you have either of these packages, you will go from Beginner to Pro overnight. Launching your own fashion brand is just a step away!


How to Start a Clothing - Help from the Fashion Mogul Package


Buy: The Fashion Mogul Clothing Line Start-Up Kit VX Edition – 10 Awesome Items To Help You Launch Your Line!

Includes Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition + How To Start a Clothing Line Business Kit & Manufacturing Contacts! This Is The Total Solution – Everything You Need to Build, Design, Launch & Grow Your Fashion Brand!


Fashion Business / Clothing Line Entrepreneur Essentials: Get Tools to Help You With How to Start Your Own Clothing Line + Clothing Design App to Design Your Clothes & Outfits + 200+ Clothing Manufacturing Contacts In This All-In-One Complete Package! This is the Perfect / #1 Clothing Line Business Kit / Apparel Design Software For Beginners!


On Sale Today For $395 During Our Super 1 Day Sale! Save Over 50% Off Regular Price! Don’t Miss This Super Deal! Regular Price $1,000. Plus You can write this package off on your taxes once you start your business. You can’t lose!  In stock – Ships out in 2 Business Days After Order!


Perfect for Menswear, Women’s Wear, Children & Baby Apparel, Footwear & Accessories Markets. Includes DFP Industry Edition So That You Can Design Your Clothing. + You Get Fashion Business Tools to Help You Launch Your Line Effectively! + List Of 200+ Global Apparel Manufacturers to Help You Find Manufacturers For Your Clothing Line! List has manufacturers from over 30 countries including China, Hong Kong, USA, Australia, UK, Canada, India, Turkey & More! This list also has suppliers for sample-making, pattern-making, fabrics, trims & more.


This complete package walks you through starting your clothing line, the tools to design it, getting it made & in stores! Get proven tips / key information on how to make money with your own clothing line while avoiding common and not so common mistakes. This package covers the true fundamentals & insider insight on launching a fashion label from the ground up from a true beginner’s perspective on a small budget. Complete Guide to Fashion Business Practices, Marketing Your Brand, Sourcing, Sampling & Production, Packaging, Shipping, Warehousing, Wholesaling, Retailing, Working With Sales Reps, Pricing and More! Go From Beginner to Fashion & Clothing Line Pro with the Fashion Mogul Kit!



Package Includes 10 Items:

1. Digital Fashion Pro VX Industry Edition Fashion CAD Software (6 Items) ($824 Value)

2. The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting Your Own Line Course (e-Book) ($125 Value)

3. Fashion Business Center (FBC) ($125 Value) – Spec Sheet and Business Templates for Getting Your Line Made

4. SCL Clothing Manufacturers and Fashion Suppliers Contact List eBook 2022 – 200+ Manufacturers Worldwide ($125 Value)

5. Digital Fabric Pack 12F – ($49 Value)

Note: When purchasing this package – 10 items (USB with all 10 items on it will come in the mail to you.)

On Sale For $395 Today! Order Now!

We also offer PayPal Credit which allows you to Divide your payment into 4 Interest Free Payments of $94.

Buy Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software

Style Blast Edition - The 25 Item Super Deal!

Style Blast - Design any clothing style - become a fashion designer - start a clothing line


5) Buy: Go Big With The Style Blast X EDITION – The 25 Item Super deal! GET OVER 3,000 TEMPLATES – DESIGN ANY CLOTHING STYLE! oN Sale Today For $549! Start Your Clothing Line Today Utilizing This Empowering Package! In stock – Ships out 2 Business Days!

Fashion Design Software - how to start a clothing line - The Style Blast Kit -BRING YOUR VISION TO LIFE -infographic

Package Includes Everything In The Fashion Mogul Edition + Get 15 Additional Items, Over 3,000 Templates + More Fashion Suppliers!


Storyboard Creator Upgrade (Features 2 Extra Models – Runway & Side View Pose + Supporting Templates) + Dress 2B Upgrade, Mega Vector Art Pack (200 Art Files to Use In Your Designs) + Digital Prints Pack Fabrics + Red Carpet Pose & Supporting Templates + Women’s Heels 2 Upgrade + Style Pack 2 Upgrade (Rompers, Wrap Dresses, Blouses) + Unisex Dress Suit Jackets & Blazer Collection + the New: Animal Kingdom, Menswear Poses, Maternity Poses, Young Boy and Girl Pose, Plus Size Poses & More! Plus The Small Batch Explosion eBook! This Contact List focuses on companies that can make as little as 1 to 10 to 25 pieces and up! This feature makes it easier for you to get started with your own designs! Watch the Video on how the Style Blast Edition can help you bring your designs to life – HERE >

Clothing companies that can make small quantities.

+ Get All of the Digital Fashion Pro Models – Basic T-Shape, Runway Walk, Red Carpet Pose, Edge of Runway Side Pose, Men’s Walking Pose, Men’s Standing Pose, Maternity Side Pose and Front Pose, Plus Size Model Runway Pose and T-shape Pose, Young Boy and Girl Pose, Baby Pose and Teen Pose.


+ Artwork For Your Designs: One of the best upgrades in this Suite is the Mega Vector Art Upgrade and The Animal Kingdom. You get over 275 files of royalty-free Vector Art to incorporate Into Your Designs. Plus you can customize / alter / change any of the artwork. You can group them together & more! This item sells for $150 by itself and you get it free in the Style Blast Suite.


Design: High Fashion, Dresses, Couture, Red Carpet, T-shirts, Jeans, Hoodies, Shirts, Jackets, Ready-To-Wear, Active-Wear, Street-Wear, Swimwear, Menswear, Women’s Wear, Baby Clothing, Juniors, Plus Size, Maternity, Boys & Girls, Children’s Clothing, Lounge Wear, Suits, Designer Clothing Trends, Handbags, Shoes & More – Order Digital Fashion Pro Style Blast X Today!

Regular Price When Each Item is Totaled Separately: $1624. Don’t miss this incredible deal today! Sale price & offers are subject to change or end without notice.

All items will arrive on Digital Fashion Pro USB

Super 1 Day Sale Price: $549

Order Right Now to Save Over 60% Off! Regular Price $1500.

+ Or Divide into 4 Interest Free Payments of $119 with PayPal Credit.

Buy Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software

Sites that recommend Digital Fashion Pro and Schools that use Digital Fashion Pro


Digital Fashion Pro has served the fashion design community for over 19 years



* Works with Windows, Mac and Chromebook

* Safe and Secure SSL Online Ordering

* Orders Ship Out 2 Business Days After You Order + Transit Time

* We Ship from the USA to Anywhere In the World (USPS Domestic / UPS Global for International Orders)

* Tracking Numbers are emailed out on the day of shipment + In Your Online Account

* We Only Ship to Your Actual Credit Card Billing Address / Signature Required

* Digital Fashion Pro Will Arrive on Digital Fashion Pro USB Drive With Printed Step by Step Install Instructions

* We Guarantee It Works as Described On Any Computer that Meets Our Posted System Requirements


Digital Fashion Pro Quality Guarantee

Our Clients Love Digital Fashion Pro
& Our Support Team,
So Will You.




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*Disclaimer: Nike, Gucci & Adidas Logos appears courtesy of Nike, Gucci & Adidas Respectively – All Rights Reserved to Nike Corporation, Gucci Inc., & Adidas Corp.. No other claims, endorsement or ownership claim is made to Nike, Adidas or Gucci. Note: Jacket design featuring Nike Logo, Legging featuring Adidas, Shirt featuring Gucci are for illustration purposes. The designs are not for sale or duplication.