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Celebrating Our 20th Year in Business – Digital Fashion Pro has been the fashion design software of choice for fashion designers, clothing lines and beginners around the world since it was first created! It allows anyone the ability to be able to create professional digital fashion sketches regardless of drawing ability. It is used in over 400+ schools and by countless designers in over 75 countries. Digital Fashion Pro and our related fashion business tools have been used to launch the careers and lines of countless designers. Since 2004, our mission has and will always be to empower beginners navigate the fashion industry with precision. Based in Michigan, we have released numerous products with the main goal of inspiring the next generation of fashion designers, clothing lines and entrepreneurs. The Digital Fashion Pro Team is here to help you achieve your fashion goals.


As a trusted brand, for over 20 years, the Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software System and has helped countless beginners turn their fashion ideas into full-fledged fashion careers and clothing lines. DFP powers the designs of fashion brands and designers around the globe. Take for example our Digital Fashion Pro  STYLE BLAST EDITION  – it comes with 3,000 customizable clothing templates to use as the foundation of your designs + 2 list of manufacturing contacts that can make your clothing. Our Starting a Clothing Line Course will give you the extremely important insight and knowledge to navigate the exciting, competitive and billions of dollars per year fashion industry like a pro. Your success is our success, and we take that very serious. Our program was designed to be simple, yet highly effective so that our clients can easily Go from Beginner to Pro with Digital Fashion Pro. ….And yes, even if you can’t draw.


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