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Ready to Start a Clothing Line? Our website will help you create your own designer clothing line. We have articles and courses that can guide you step by step through starting a designer clothing label. We also offer fashion design software to aid you in designing clothes and create new fashion trends. Learning how to design apparel and create fashion sketches is a breeze with our flagship product Digital Fashion Pro. Then we have our Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Course which will help you go after your fashion dreams with extreme confidence! Click on each Circle Link below + explore this page and our website to learn more!

We have the tools and resources that can help you break into the fashion industry. You can become a successful fashion designer even if you can’t draw, even if you do not know how to sew or have zero experience! For over 19 years now, we have helped to launch the careers of countless fashion designers and clothing lines from around the world. Today is your turn to get started!

Starting a Clothing Line Made Easy for the Ordinary Person / True Beginner

Since 2004, we have been providing quality resources to fashion entrepreneurs worldwide. Here at / – We specialize in educating aspiring and established fashion designers on the full schematics of how to start a clothing line successfully and efficiently. We also are the home of our flagship product, Digital Fashion Pro – Fashion Design Software CAD so you can start designing your line even if you can’t draw. We also have list of clothing manufacturers that can make your clothing. Our Style Blast Fashion Start Up Kit even has a list of manufacturers that specialize in making small quantities (as low as 1 unit for some). In our Fashion Designer Superstore, we also have Fabric Swatch Kits, Pantone Guides and the Standard Garment Specifications Book to help you with your measurements. Our resources will help you not only Start a Clothing Line, but they will help you make great decisions. Starting your own designer clothing trend is just a step a way with our resources.


Our Resources will help you break into the fashion business with confidence. Our resources will give you the knowledge to succeed. Did you know that famous designer Marc Ecko, who never went to fashion school, started off selling T-shirts? At one point in time, his label had sales in the billions. The bottom line is you never know where life will take you when you start out passionately down a path. If you have always dreamed of designing & having your own fashion line – go for it! Don’t let not being able to sew or draw stop you from pursuing your creative vision in fashion. Here is a list of famous fashion designers who can’t sew. If you can draw or sew, then that is great but those attributes do not determine if you will be successful or not. Your creativity and ability to adopt to new fashion trends in designer clothing or even create your own trends are key elements in creating a popular fashion label. 


Don’t Let Current Economy Stop You! “Challenging economic times can encourage entrepreneurial capitalism, according to a recent study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. More than half, or 51%, of the companies on the Fortune 500 list this year began during a recession or bear market or both, according to the study.” You can be the next fashion design success story with your own clothing line! The best time to get started is when others are not getting started. This will help you stand out of the crowd. Starting a clothing line takes time so getting started now will put you in a great position.


You ask: What steps should I take to start my own clothing line? What if I can’t draw? How much money do I need to start a clothing line? How can I get started as quickly as possible? How can do I trademark my clothing line? How can I find a manufacturer for my clothing line? Can I still get a clothing line started with no prior fashion experience? How can I design my own clothing? How can I create professional fashion sketches if I can’t draw. How can I find manufacturers that make small quantities? How can I become a fashion designer and design my own clothing? How to write a business plan for my clothing line? How can I send my designs to manufacturers?


We have the answers you seek and more because we know first hand about what type of resources are important to new and established fashion designers. We know that fashion is your life and that is why we not only want you to excel on the creative end but succeed on the business end as well. Greatly increase your chances of becoming a successful fashion house by getting the proper knowledge and vital information that we have to offer. Even if you can’t draw, we can help you get over that obstacle with our software Digital Fashion Pro. Bring your fashion ideas to life with your own signature clothing line today! There is nothing like making the first step towards your dream. Our course will even teach you how to get your brand carried by small and major retailers.


One of the primary functions of starting a clothing brand is creating your fashion sketches. Fashion sketches and clothing designs are the foundation of any great fashion label. People, which include, clothing manufacturers, seamstresses, your team, retailers, buyers and investors must be able to understand your vision in a clear / detailed way. Have you ever seen a great hand drawn fashion sketch with elongated proportions? Well this type of design does not fair well for the person that will be making your clothing. It is not a production sketch. With our clothing design software Digital Fashion Pro, not only will you learn fashion design, it will skill you to pump out beautiful / production ready sketches even if you can’t draw at all. You can design almost any clothing style with the expanded version of the software.


Fashion Design Software - how to start a clothing line - The Style Blast Kit -BRING YOUR VISION TO LIFE -infographic.

Digital Fashion Pro comes with hundreds of clothing templates, digital fabrics, male and female model poses, and training videos. The fashion design app is designed to take anyone, including beginners, from ground zero to incredible heights within days, in terms of being able to design clothes. The system is super easy to use and very easy to learn. Our client reviews have been wonderful. One of our favorite clients was just 12 years old when he started using Digital Fashion Pro. Another one of our clients that we keep in touch with was 58 years old when they decided to get into design. When a life of creativity and fashion is calling you, or you have a great idea, you should not sleep on it. Put in the work to get started. When you use our course, it will enable you to approach starting your own clothing line in a very organized and informed manner, which will thereby increase your chances of success. In fact, Digital Fashion Pro Templates are always updated to include some of the latest fashion trends in designer clothing.


Don’t have a lot of money? Don’t worry – our resources will even teach you how to start a clothing line on a small budget. Our site offers everything you need to know about starting your own clothing line, plus tools to execute your strategy. For over 19 years, we have been helping fashion entrepreneurs and designers accomplish their fashion goals. We are also proud to have our starting a clothing line books in Libraries and Fashion Schools around the world. At the same time, we are also proud that our Digital Fashion Pro System is taught in over 400 high schools and colleges. Both are testaments to how efficient our products are. Give us a try. Let us help you start and take your new clothing line to the next level.

Just How Helpful is Our Start a Clothing Line Course?

Here is what a Fashion Academy Department Head stated from IADT:

“Arrington and Harper have created a real-world manual to starting a fashion business for any apparel designer. The Official Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line is a comprehensive handbook for fashion entrepreneurs, and having the inside track from two successful designers who started from the ground floor is absolutely inspiring!”

— Julie P. Fashion Design Chair, International Academy of Design and Technology — MI.

With Our Full Style Blast Edition Course you will learn: step by step how to start your own clothing line – It includes:

Money saving tips as you are in the process of starting a clothing line
How to find and deal with Overseas Manufacturers
A host of Manufacturing Listings that can make your clothing
How to get manufacturers to work on your terms
The Key to getting manufacturers to do small quantities
Learn how to do your own trademarks (save on lawyer fees)
What makes a good brand name
How to incorporate your business and why you should
Learn about letter of credit for production / payment on TT
How to reduce time it takes to get your line going
Valuable resources and contacts at your fingertips
Learn about Production and Distribution Deals
Getting a sales tax license
Creating your web site
Your importer number issued from the government and why you need it
How to form the right team behind you
Getting orders at the famous Magic Trade show and others
Go from being a T-shirt Designer to a real brand
Designing your collection / specifications
Style forecasting based on your budget
Managing cash flow
What is factoring and how to get it?
Advertising and Marketing your brand
Financing your line
How to go about doing photo shoots
How and where to find models
Importing, Visas and Custom House Brokers
Quota System and Duties
Distribution and getting your product in stores
Keystoning and setting the right price for your products
Packaging your products. What you must know
Key office points, taxes and accounting
Basic business plan outline
Sample Commercial Invoice Document for overseas samples clearance
Sample Purchase order to present to manufacturer
Sample Spec Sheet
Sample Introduction letter to present to manufacturers to open communication
Valuable advice from the authors
Inside industry secrets and much more
Get all of this and more for a great low price!
How to make sure your manufacturer is shipping you quality.
How to make sure your manufacturer is giving you the best prices.
What countries you want to avoid doing business with because of bad quality.
Knowing how to know when you should fire your manufacturer.
How to avoid being the next manufacturing horror story!
How to tell if you are working with a good manufacturer.
How to get manufacturers to do small quantities.
How to know if your manufacturer is taking advantage of you and your policies.
If you have never worked with a overseas manufacturer then do not try it with out reading this manual first!
Retailers – how some will try to use your line to…..
Manufacturers – Are they going to do what they say? What if they don’t?
Quality – Your brand new jeans just came in and you noticed that every pair had…..
Advertising – Your ad is about to come out but….
Your shipment arrived at customs but your visa….
One of your customers didn’t pay the factor and now the factor wants …
Understanding your cash flow and your style forecasting
What happens when your order comes in after the season?
The Truth about the Magic Trade show and Getting Orders Knowing when you should do Magic.
Get valuable advise and insight from the authors
Let the knowledge of some of our experiences and others save you a lot of heartache.
Quality Checks to present to your manufacturer so they won’t mess up on your order.
True Insider Information that has never been told or will be found anywhere else but here. And Much More…….
Where to find sales reps for your line
Learn effective ways to sell your products
Sample line sheet, order form, sales rep contract
The things you must know before the retailer ask you
Industry terms and definitions when it comes to selling to retailers