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Customer Service & FAQ’s Page

DIGITALFASHIONPRO.COM was founded in 2004 to empower aspiring fashion designers & clothing lines. Digital Fashion Pro Customer Service is here to help! We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction. Your success is our success! With 20 years in business, we would like to thank each of our clients, located in over 75 countries, for allowing us to help them with their respected fashion journeys! We are forever humbled and honored. Digital Fashion Pro is a division under Harper Arrington Publishing LLC.
Shipping Information:
All DFP orders ship within 1 Business Days from our Michigan USA Headquarters via USPS. Tracking number is emailed to you on the day of your shipment. Transit time is based on your location / shipping method chosen. We ship worldwide! We are open and safely shipping daily.  
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Contact Details: / / Harper Arrington Publishing LLC
33228 12 Mile Rd, 105
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
Customer Service & Sales Only T: 888-435-9234 
Note: Please review this page in full prior to calling so we can serve you better. Most common questions are answered below. Phone support Is Only available for Customer Orders & Customer Support. If you are interested in our products and have questions – please call us or email us. We will be happy to assist you.
If you are a Marketer or need to reach any other business related department – phone support is not available. Use email address listed on this page FOR ALL business, hr, accounts payable and marketing related inquiries. 
F: 888-435-9234

About Our Store Operations
Hours of Operation / Store Info For 2024:
Phone Support:- Monday – Friday 9 A.M. – 7 P.M. EST
Email Support – 24/7
Order securely online 24/7 from Our Online Store, protected with SSL Security. You can also order by phone during business hours.
We only ship to the actual billing address that is on the credit card – No Exceptions. All orders must be signed for at the billing address.

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Schools and Teachers: If you are a school or an educator – See Our School Order Page Here.
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Rewards Points and Customer Loyalty Program (Covered below on this page)
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Customer Service / Technical Support / FAQ’s / Order Help


Technical Support: You need technical support with Digital Fashion Pro – visit Technical Support Page.

Is there a Free Trial Version of Digital Fashion Pro? Sorry, we do not have a trial version. Learn more here.

Help My Order isn’t going through: If your order isn’t going through online – ensure you are using the correct billing address, CV2 Number on the back of your card and that you have enough funds available. 

We only ship to the actual credit card billing address on your account. You cannot have your package shipped to any other address but that one. This policy is same whether you order online or you order over the phone. Trying to use a different address will only result in your order failing. Please use the correct address on your first attempt to ensure a smooth transaction process. If you need to call your credit card and update your billing address – please do so and wait 2 days for it to take effect in their system before trying to use the card.

Serial Number Help: If you no longer have your shipping label invoice paper that came in your box, you can also obtain your serial number from your online account. Once you log into your account, click on previous orders. Then scroll to comment section. There you will find your serial number. Start here My Account.

Tracking Number / Order Status: Orders ship in 1 business day. Tracking numbers are automatically mailed out on the evening that your order ships. Be sure to check your email and junk mail folder. You an also log into your online account to retrieve your tracking number. When you order you will get an email of your new order. The next email you receive will be that either your order is in processing or on hold. If you order is on hold, check for another email from us explaining why your order is on hold and how to resolve the issue. Orders that include books we carry by outside publishers may delay your total shipment by a few days. Start here My Account.

When will I receive my order? Orders ship in 1 business day after you order. Once your order ships, the transit time depends on which delivery method you chose when you ordered. We offer USA ground shipping, priority shipping, overnight shipping, International Priority and International Global Express shipping options. Note that the delivery method you choose does not affect processing time. The two are separate. Note: USA customers ship via USPS. International Clients Ship via UPS Worldwide. Further note that  / is not responsible for any delays caused by destination customs clearance processes. Orders that include books we carry by outside publishers may delay your total shipment by a few days. You will receive a tracking number when your order ships.

Missing eBooks or Electronic Download Items: Ultimate List eBook can be downloaded right after purchase via link that will be sent to you in the order confirmation email if that was the only item you ordered. If you are to receive it as a part of a package – it will come on the USB that is mailed out to you. All other E-Items will be E-mailed to you for download. If your eBook download has expired – email us at with your name, order number and date you ordered to request that we resend your E-Items. For some of our other E-Items, they will be sent to you once your physical package has been received. Also note that Ultimate List eBook has no monetary value when they are a part of a package. They are provided free as a courtesy with the package.

Does Digital Fashion Pro Work With Mac or Just Windows? Yes Digital Fashion Pro works with Mac 10.7 and higher. Must have USB or USB-C Drive / Adapter. It works with all versions of Windows – USB Drive Needed. During checkout you will have the option to select your version. For full system requirements see this page.

Rewards Points & Customer Loyalty Program
We truly value our customers so know that every time you place an order you receive Rewards Points that you can redeem and use to purchase something in our store. To redeem – you will first need to notify us before placing the new order so that we can issue you Digital Fashion Pro Cash (Fancy way of saying personal discount code) for your new purchase that reflects the amount of Rewards Points you have. To check your Rewards Points simply log into your Online Account Here and click on Rewards once inside.

I’m a Complete Beginner – where should I start? All of our items are made for all skill levels. We created / with the thought that most of our clients would be totally new to fashion designing and starting a line. With that knowledge we wanted to make sure that our products would empower everyone whether they were a true beginner or had 20 years experience in the business. So where you get started depends on what you are trying to do and the budget you have. You can start with one item and add on as you go or purchase a package up front to save. It is totally up to you. However note that, every item we sale is an recommended item aside from things like if you don’t design shoes then you might not need a Digital Fashion Pro Shoe Upgrade. See Our Get Started Guide.

I want to start my own clothing line? I have an idea for a clothing line. How can you help? First we would say read all of the articles posted on our site that relates to starting a clothing line. We have some very insightful articles on our site. Next we offer a host of fashion business products that can walk you step by step through starting your own clothing line such as our Official Guide. To learn more about how we can help you with your clothing line – please review the Official Step by Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Book.


I Can’t Draw or Sew, can I still have a clothing line and design clothing? You can still be very successful with Digital Fashion Pro if you can’t draw. That’s not a problem. 


I forgot my online password: Just visit the My Account Page and enter your email to reset password.


What package should I get based on my design interest? See the Compare Tab Section on the Digital Fashion Pro Page to determine which is package / upgrades is best for you and your goals. We also have packages that combine our fashion software with our business related products. You could also opt just to go with our business products if you don’t need the design software. Also see full list of all of our products on our Pricing Page. 


Can I download my order / Can I download Digital Fashion Pro: Digital Fashion Pro is mailed to you. There is not a download available for it. In fact, unless an item on our site states: “eBook or Electronic Download Item” specifically then it is a physical item that will be shipped to you. All Electronic Downloads are subject to verification before being sent.



Can I Upgrade My Order? You can upgrade your order to a higher package just by paying the difference as long as you do so within 5 days of order. After 30 days, there is an upgrade fee of $50 + the difference in the package you bought and the package you want. This only applies to orders that were placed within the last 30 days. After 30 days, all items purchased going forward are at regular price. Our packages are discounted heavily so it is best to choose the package you want in the beginning to save the most money. Note: Additional shipping will be charged as well if the order previous order has already shipped. 


How many computers can I install Digital Fashion Pro on? Digital Fashion Pro can only be installed on one computer per license. If you need to put it on additional computers – there is an additional license fee. Email us for details. What if my computer breaks down, can I install it on another computer? Email us for details. 


What if I’m not home when my package arrives? USPS Domestic or International Delivery Service (for customers outside of the USA) will leave a notice in the event that you are not home. You will just contact them to reschedule or pick up your package from your local post office. Orders must be signed for. It is also advised that you track your package once you receive your tracking number so that you can know when it is coming or if you missed the delivery. 


Does / offer consulting services? Not at this time but you can Ask Us a Question.


Do we ship to customers outside of the USA: Yes. We can ship to anywhere in the world. Many of our clients outside of the USA reside in Canada, Great Britain, Australia and so on. Our products can be used anywhere in the world. In fact, we have serviced clients in over 75 countries since we started in 2004. Note that there could be an Customs Duty imposed by your country if you are outside of the USA when the package gets to you. We do not know what the duty will be – it varies by country. We have no control over this. Also we are not responsible for any potential delays in customs that extend the delivery window of the shipping method you chose. This is how international business works when it comes to shipping from one country to another.


How much will our items cost in your currency if you live outside of the US? Currency exchange rates fluctuate, so with that being said, we can’t give you an answer but the currency exchange is done automatically by the credit card company. If your currency is higher than the US dollar, then you will pay less than the prices you see on our website and vice versa if your currency is valued less. Sorry but we do not have any control over exchange rates. We only receive the US dollar amount that is posted on our website. Any difference in what you actual pay vs. our US price is all in the exchange rate that your credit charges for the adjustment. Unfortunately there is no way to get around this as this is the nature of International Business Transactions. All prices quoted on our site are in US dollars. 


Business Inquiries / Our Marketing Department / Press Inquiries: You want to know about our advertising, SEO, business networking, services or placing an ad on our site? Email us to inquire. Phone support is not available for Marketing / Advertising / Business related inquiries. Email: 


You are a charity or 501C3 and your interested in some of our products. Email or Call Us. 


Questions about any of our products: Call us or Email Us – please make sure to review the item prior to calling. 


Get Featured: Your a clothing line or designer and you want to get interviewed or added to our List of Clothing Lines Database page. Email us at