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Digital Fashion Pro Tech Support

Digital Fashion Pro Technical Support Page / Troubleshooting


1. Make sure your computer / laptop meets the system requirements.


2. Make sure you have followed the printed instructions that came in your box in full for installation. Next be sure to watch all of the training videos. Going through these materials will help you learn and master the program with lightening speed. Watch each one twice. Pause the video, duplicate the steps, go back to the video, un-pause. Watch a little more. Pause the video again. Duplicate what you saw. Keep doing this method so that you can learn as you go and put the skills in action.


3. If all of the above steps do not solve the issue – send us an E-mail at to start a ticket. Be sure to include your phone number, order number and name on the order in your email.


4. Do you have a Mac Book Pro with a Thunderbolt 3 Connection? You will need a Thunderbolt 3 to USB Connector to install your Digital Fashion Pro USB. They cost around $10 from Amazon.