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FASHION DESIGN SOFTWARE FOR Family And Consumer Sciences (fcs) & Career and Technology Education (cte) – DIGITAL FASHION PRO ACADEMIC

BRING Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software TO Your Fashion Design Class – OUR software used in over 400 schools – k-12 and colleges

Integrate Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software into your school’s Fashion, Art, Family and Consumer Science (FCS), Career and Technology Education (CTE) or STEM fashion design class today. Students will learn the exciting art of professional digital fashion illustration while also embracing computer software technology which is Perfect for Today’s Technological World. Plus Digital Fashion Pro is fun and easy to learn for teachers and students. Whether for use in high schools (K-12) or colleges – Digital Fashion Pro excels at giving students the design tool & training they need to create professional digital fashion sketches, fashion illustrations, industry standard clothing designs & fashion graphics even if they can’t draw. Digital Fashion Pro is used by countless clothing lines and industry fashion designers around the world. Digital Fashion Pro gives students valuable tools and skills that will greatly help them with launching into a successful career in the fashion industry. On this page is a Quote Form – Use it to get a Quote for your school. Call us or email us if you have any questions after reviewing this page. Your students will love learning and creating fashion designs with Digital Fashion Pro. DOWNLOAD DIGITAL BROCHURE HERE.
Digital-Fashion-Pro-Academic-Fashion-Design-Software-for-Fashion-Design-Classes-family-consumer sciences
Introduce our cutting-edge software, Digital Fashion Pro VX, with the aim of enhancing the fashion design experience for your students. Digital Fashion Pro VX is an industry-leading tool that empowers students to create stunning digital fashion sketches effortlessly. Trusted by numerous schools, fashion designers, and clothing lines globally, our software is designed to cater to a diverse range of users. We are proud to offer an optional lesson plan specifically tailored for 9th to 12th grade students, to college students, aligning with the educational needs of your class. What sets Digital Fashion Pro VX apart is its compatibility with various platforms, including Chromebooks, Windows Computers & Laptops, and Mac OS Computers and Laptops. This versatility ensures that the software seamlessly integrates into your existing technology infrastructure.
To bring Digital Fashion Pro VX to your school, simply request a quote below on this page. For your convenience, we have prepared a digital brochure available for download.
Get inspired by exploring Digital Fashion Pro sketch examples featured in SketchBook Digital Portfolio Magazine:
Digital Fashion Pro Software empowers individuals, regardless of their drawing abilities, to produce beautiful and professional fashion sketches. To witness the remarkable results achievable with Digital Fashion Pro, please visit our website gallery and also fill out our quote form on the academic page. Whether your institution falls within the K-12 range or is a college-level establishment, Digital Fashion Pro VX guarantees professional outcomes with user-friendly functionality. .
Digital Fashion Pro is now taught in over 400 schools worldwide so you can trust it to deliver! On the High School Level – For Family and Consumer Sciences FCS / Career and Technical Education CTE Curriculum we even offer our Digital Fashion Pro CTE / FCS Lesson Plan Software Package (Optional) which is an amazing addition to overall classroom fashion design experience. It is an excellent resource for teachers teaching Digital Fashion Pro as it increases student engagement & learning even more. It prepares them for life as professional fashion label designer. Pricing and Order details below.
System Includes 2 Hours of On-Board Video Training, Hundreds of Customizable Garment Templates, Models & 1400 Digital Fabric Files. DFP Works with Windows & Mac Operating Systems + Chromebooks. Digital Fashion Pro Is Super Easy to Learn For Teachers & Students. At the end of the course, students will be able to create professional fashion sketches that are beyond industry standards.
Career and Technology CTE Family Consumer Sciences FCS - fashion design software
Let Your Students Embrace Their Style – Unleash Their Creativity – with Digital Fashion PRO
Digital Fashion Pro Clients - Fashion Software App for Designing Clothing - Used in School fashion classes
Academic Purchases – Prices are based on quantity.
We accept school purchase orders or you can purchase online.
Our contact information for sending PO’s is as follows: Harper Arrington Publishing, Midwest Office, 33228 W 12 Mile Rd. 105, Farmington Hills, MI 48334. Fax: 248-281-0373. E-mail: The Quote form is below but if you have questions, feel free to call us at 888-435-9234. Further note that we do not offer trial or evaluation copies. If need be we ask that you order 1 copy to test out then order more.

– Request an Academic Quote Here Below On This Page For Your Classroom / School.

Family and Consumer Science - Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software Academic for Schools


Digital Fashion Pro Academic Pricing / Package.

The Digital Fashion Pro Academic Package Consist Of:
1. Digital Fashion Pro VX Basic – Includes over 2 hours of basic and advance fashion illustration training
2. Beyond the Basics – 1 Hour of additional Advance Fashion Design Training on creating technical sketches etc.
3. Digital Fabric Library – Over 1,000 digital fabrics to use in your designs
4. Shoes and Accessories Library
5. Denim Wash Factory – Design great looking denim sketches
6. Style Pack 1 Clothing Templates
7. Storyboard Creator
All Delivered on Digital Fashion Pro USB Drive. Works with Windows, Mac Computers and Chromebooks. Digital Fashion Pro can also be deployed to a server – however, there is not a site license. DFP has a per seat license cost for students that will interact with the software.
7 GB of Hard Disk Space Needed Per Device.
With This Package Students Will Have Access To:
  • The ability to design Men, Women, Baby and Kid clothing, design shoes and handbags
  • You will learn how to make technical sketches with Beyond the Basics
  • Over 1,000 Digital Fabrics to use in your designs
  • Create special denim wash and treatment effects with Denim Wash Factory.
Students Will Be Able to Design And Work With:
1. Basic Tops, Pants, Shorts, Leggings
2. Hangtags, Pockets, Zippers, Buttons
3. Outerwear, Coats, Jackets, Sportswear, Suits
4. Dresses and Skirts
5. Trendy Tops
6. Swimwear
7. Baby and Kid Clothing
8. Shoes: Sneakers, Heels, Boots, Flip Flops & more.
9. Hats & Scarves
10. Handbags
11. Eyewear
Pricing is Per Computer / 2 Year License. Technical Support Included. Each computer / seat will need its own license. 
After the initial 2 year term, there will be a renewal fee to continue using the software. This information and pricing will be included in your quote. Each computer / seat will need its own license. License will either cover the number of installs or the number of students during the 2-year period. Example: If you have 60 students per year in your fashion class. You could request a quote for 60 students. However, this means that you could cover 60 students for year 1, and 60 students for year 2, which equals a total of up to 120 students or up to 120 installations over a two year period.
You can pay for your order by credit card or Purchase Order.
Software Deployment: If your school does not have computers that will stay within the school, such as each student has their own Chromebook that they will keep, and therefore you will need to reload the program each semester for a different set of students / users – please let us know that when submitting your quote. 
Also note that the CTE Fashion Design Lesson Plan is sold separately, and if ordered, the quantity ordered must match the exact number of licenses as the Digital Fashion Pro Academic licenses ordered. Keep in mind that this lesson plan pack is not just lesson plans but it includes additional software and resources. CTE Fashion Design Lesson Plan Pack is free with Digital Fashion Pro Academic orders of 15 licenses or more.
Have questions? Fill out quote form below first then call us for more details at 888-435-9234..
Request an Academic Quote
For a quote on Digital Fashion Pro for your school – use the form below


Digital Fashion Pro FCS / CTE Software Training For Fashion Design Teachers

* Fashion teachers love Digital Fashion Pro Academic because it comes with training so that they can learn the program quickly and begin utilizing it with career and technical education students. It comes with over 4 hours of step by step video instruction and a step by step electronic PDF training guide. Lessons will help teachers master Digital Fashion Pro so that they are fully capable and confident to teach the program to their students.
Digital Fashion Pro also fits perfectly into STEM programs falling under the technology curriculum. STEM is becoming an increasing focus among our nation’s high school classes. The push to have US Students engage with more technology is very important and we are happy that we can aid in this area with Digital Fashion Pro. * The US Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics States: “Fashion designers use technology to design. They must be able to use computer-aided design (CAD) programs and be familiar with graphics editing software,” as one of the things necessary to be a fashion designer today. Most Industry Leaders would say that the use of CAD is more important in fashion illustration today than the ability to hand sketch + it has more practical applications.
Teacher Testimonial
Teacher Testimonial
“Students at Neshaminy High School in Langhorne Pennsylvania are just starting to explore and use the Digital Fashion Pro software and are having a blast.  They love it!  Every day someone discovers something new and shares it with their classmates.  It is a joy as a teacher to see students so having fun, learning, and so engaged.”
– Kelly Macauley – F.C.S. Department Chair & Lead Teacher at Neshaminy High School 


CTE / FCS Fashion Designer Lesson Plan – Free With Orders of 15 Or More DFP Academic Licenses

We also offer an optional add-on to Digital Fashion Pro Academic – The 8 Week CTE / FCS Fashion Designer Lesson Plan Package. This fabulous lesson plan package will really keep student engaged in the learning process. This item also teaches kids about Business and Entrepreneurship Which Are Also Core Principles of Many CTE Programs.
It has been a pleasure here at Harper Arrington Publishing to work with so many schools through our fashion design software called Digital Fashion Pro. Digital Fashion Pro Academic is used in over 300 high school and post-secondary education programs. It has been a near perfect learning tool for Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) fashion classes. It has allowed students to create their own professional fashion sketches right their computers. 
Students love that they can design their own t-shirts, jeans, dresses, coats, shoes, handbags and more. The program helps students evolve in the world of fashion as fashion is one of the hottest industries among teens. Through use of Digital Fashion Pro Software also keeps youth engaged and focused. It is truly a remarkable education piece that is also used by beginners, fashion designers and clothing lines around the world.
In 2014 we introduced our Careers and Technical Education CTE Lesson Plan Pack for K-12 fashion design classes to further aid fashion design teachers with the ability to do even more with their students in terms of creating real world fashion. The K-12 CTE Lesson Plan has been a huge success as we are hearing from many of our fashion design teacher clients and school districts. I think it has been successful with students because it makes their time in the class truly exciting in many ways while also teaching them real world skills. Fashion students are learning team building and team work as they work in the lesson plan to create their own mock clothing lines. 
The fashion class is divided into group where each group then forms their own clothing. The K-12 CTE Fashion Design Lesson Plan and Digital Fashion Pro Academic fashion design software has truly made an impact on all of our high school fashion classes that has invested in the package.

What is included in our K-12 CTE / FCS 8 Week Fashion Designer Lesson Plan / Fashion Business Package

Optional Add-On For Your Apparel Design Classes
Special Offer: Free With Orders of 15 Licenses or More of Digital Fashion Pro Academic!

Features & Products Included in this Package:

  • 8 Week Lesson Plan for CTE / FCS / Fashion & Apparel Design Classes for K-12 Students (Great for 9th – 12th Grade classes)
  • Fashion Business Center Software which features Spec Sheets Templates, Line Sheet Templates and more ($149 value)
  • Mega Vector Art Pack – Over 200 Vector Art Files that Students can use in their designs. ($282 Value)
  • 1 Free Copy of Our Title: The Official Step By Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Line Book. ($125 Value)
Special Discount Pricing For Schools: Request a quote above. This package is only available to schools for classroom use. Note: Digital Fashion Pro Academic is sold separate. Prices are based on number of licenses needed but this package can also be obtained for Free with orders of 15 licenses or more of Digital Fashion Pro Academic!

Objectives of the Harper Arrington K-12 CTE / FCS Fashion Design Lesson Plan

  • This lesson plan was created to help schools using Digital Fashion Pro Academic quickly implement the software into lessons and activities for students
  • It was designed to help teachers come up with fun / informative lessons that really engage their students
  • It will help students grow their team building skills and efficiency with how to work in a group environment to achieve common goals
  • The lesson breaks the classroom up into teams of 3 to 5 people; each team will create their own mini-fashion line
  • While creating the line – students will perform many common duties that a typical professional fashion designer would engage in on the daily basis
  • Students will design clothing sketches, technical sketches, measure clothing, create spec sheets, tech packs and more
  • Plus many more fun and educational experiences along the way as your students work their way through the escalating lessons
  • With this lesson plan schools can really take their apparel design classes to new heights and your students will love it!
Digital Fashion Pro Academic and our CTE K-12 Lesson Plan work together with the overall mission to aid the goals of Career and Technical Education (CTE) which are to empower students to be successful citizens, workers, and leaders in a global economy. Digital Fashion Pro Academic and our CTE K-12 Lesson Plan are designed to contribute to the broad educational achievement of students, including basic skills, as well as their ability to work independently and as part of a team, think creatively and solve problems, and utilize technology in the thinking and problem-solving process.

Per Computer PRICING / Quantity Discounts + Free With Orders of 15 or More Digital Fashion Pro Academic License Purchases.


Please fill out Academic Quote form below. If you want to submit a purchase order for Digital Fashion Pro Academic and The CTE Fashion Design Lesson Plan – also fill out the quote for below. Also note that the exact number of Lesson Plan Pack Packages Ordered must be the same exact total of the licenses you are ordering of Digital Fashion Pro Academic. Example – If you need Digital Fashion Pro Academic for 10 computers and you want to buy the Lesson Plan Package as well then you will 10 licenses of Lesson Plan Pack as well. 1 to 1 ratio. .

System Requirements:
To use Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software you need any Windows System (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 ) with at least 2 GB Ram and 8 free GB of hard disk space. If you have an Apple computer – Mac OS 10.7 or Higher is Needed. Note: Windows PC and Mac OS Computers Must Have USB Drive for Install. New: Digital Fashion Pro also works with Chromebook. However, your Chromebook OS will need to be or updated to Chrome OS 69 or higher. It will require physical access to the machine for install. It will require running Linux Apps and using the Chromebook Terminal to install. Chromebook manufacturing date should be on or after September 2018.


.Digital Fashion Pro Partial Academic Client List. Clients listed either have our Fashion Design Software, books or both. Digital Fashion Pro is taught in over 400 high schools, colleges, middle schools, academies, Family Consumer Sciences (FCS) and Career Technical Education (CTE)

South Carolina State University – SC

Tennessee State University – TN

Petersburg City Public Schools – VA

Essex County Vocational Schools – NJ

District School Board of Madison County – FL

The Art Institute of San Diego – San Diego

Los Angeles Unified School District – Los Angeles


Careers & Tech Educ – WA

Visalia Unified School District – CA

Francis Howell School District – MO

Norfolk Public Schools – VA

Clarksville-Montgomery County School System -TN

Jackson Local School District – OH

BlackHawk High School – PA

Daleville High School – AL

Bayfield School District – CO

Mid-Central Education Cooperative – SD

Van Independent School District – Texas

Hazelwood School District

Tunica County Mentoring – MS

NIACC – North Iowa Area Community College – Iowa

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising – San Diego

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising – Los Angeles

Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES Schools – New York

San Antonio Independent School District – San Antonio

International Academy of Design and Technology – Detroit

ABC Unified School District – California

Central Community Schools – IA

Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe School – MN

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education – MN

Honokaa High & Intermediate School – HI

MSD Of Washington Township – IN

Orchard Farm R-V School District – MO

Glendale Union High School District – AZ

Waterloo Community School District – IA

Santa Maria Joint Union High School District – CA

Mosaica Education, Inc. – NJ

College Station ISD – TX

Mashpee Public Schools – MA

Francis Howell School District – MO

NUAMES Early College High School – UT

South Mecklenburg High School – NC

Shattuck Public Schools – OK

Kenwood High School – TN

Lakeland Regional High School – New Jersey

St. Michael – Albertville Schools – Albertiville, MN

Chicago Public Library – Chicago, IL

Ocean Township High School – NJ

Northern Lights Charter School – MN

Willow Creek Composite High School – Ontario

Hale County Board of Education – AL

Olathe North High School – KS

North Port High School – Florida

Unifield School District – KS

Brookwood High School – AL

Harrisburg City School District – PA

Harwood Union High School – Vermont

North Callaway R-1 School District – MO

Pleasant Grove Independent School District – TX

Department of Education – Queensland Australia

Southern Lehigh School District – PA

Westchester Community College – NY

William Floyed High School – NY

Santa Maria Joint Union High School District – CA

USD 505 Chetopa-St Paul – KS

Huntsville City Schools – AL

Middlesex County Schools – VA

Blue Water Schools – Canada

Danbury Public Schools – Danbury, CT

Tuscaloosa County Board of Education – AL

Collier Library at University of North Alabama

Patchogue-Medford – NY

University of Central Missouri – MO

Aplington-Parkerburg Community District – Iowa

Grandview High School – CO

Waukegan Public Schools – IL

Ohio & Wabash Valley Regional Vocational System

Lubbock Independent School District – TX

Latta Public Schools – OK

SSD School District – MO

Hauppauge High School – NY

Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic DSB – Canada

Floresville ISD – TX

Miwaukee Public Schools

School District 129 – West Aurora HS – IL

Washington Academy – New Jersey

Toms River Regional Schools – New Jersey

Choctax County Career & Technology Center – MS

South Kamloops Secondary School – BC, Canada

National Foundation For Teaching Entrepreneurship – DC

Moore Norman Technology Center – OK

Richland School District – PA

Whitney Point CSD – NY

Cuillier Career Center – LA

Habersham Central High School – GA

Disclaimer: This list is not to be taken as endorsements of any of our products or services. It is simply a partial Harper Arrington client list. Most of our clients are Digital Fashion Pro users but some are Harper Arrington Fashion Book Clients. Although we have published some of our client list on our website, it is not meant for individuals to contact and disturb our clients to ask them for reviews or what items they purchased from us. They have asked us to ask you to respect their privacy. We will do the same for you when you become a client. If you are not sure about any of our products and need additional information – E-mail us or visit our Contact Page. Thank You for your cooperation.

How to Introduce & Teach Digital Fashion Pro Design Method At Your School:


Digital Fashion Pro can be implemented into your school’s fashion design or art program. We have seen Digital Fashion Pro brought into various schools on our client list by IT teachers, fashion related teachers, art teachers, and home economics teachers. Here is the basic from purchase to implementation process works:


1. We do not offer site licenses. Each computer would need it’s own copy of Digital Fashion Pro and components.


2. The training portion of Digital Fashion Pro does not automatically install on the computer. The CD must be present in the computer to watch how to work the system. What we recommend is that the teacher is the only one with access to the learning tools of Digital Fashion Pro. Therefore, the teacher will be able to teach the Digital Fashion Pro method to the class while at the same time incorporating traditional design methods & curriculum into the teachings to help students excel even more.


3. Digital Fashion Pro will be perfect to implement into your school’s fashion design or art curriculum because with Digital Fashion Pro – students still have to do traditional design work and bring fourth their creative skills. Digital Fashion Pro makes the starting point easy by starting off a template and fabrics but the rest of the process of putting designs together is just like traditional fashion design. The program is a true art program and not a click this and that together kind of program. Students still have to exhibit design skills to create. The beauty is Digital Fashion Pro will help students expound on their creativity. The system also prepares them for our digital world of today and tomorrow. Possible lessons could even include students working together in teams to build teamwork skills on various projects.


We make it easy to make a seamless integration of Digital Fashion Pro into your overall fashion design or art structure. The other option at your choice is to make the learning tools available to the students but still let the teacher expand on the tools. It’s totally up to your institution how you go about implementation. We would love to add your academic institution to our growing list of academic clients from all over the world! With Digital Fashion Pro – Go Cutting Edge Digital and deliver industry approved fashion sketches. You can also add our How to start a clothing line course to your fashion curriculum to teach students how to start their own clothing business after school. The Course can be taught and we sure your students will find it very valuable.

Teachers can utilize Digital Fashion Pro to effectively teach fashion design in the following ways:

  1. Visualize Design Concepts: Digital Fashion Pro allows teachers to visually demonstrate design concepts to students. Teachers can use the software to create fashion illustrations, showcase different design elements, and illustrate how various garments are constructed. This helps students better understand and visualize the design process.
  2. Hands-On Design Projects: Teachers can assign design projects to students using Digital Fashion Pro. Students can use the software to create their own fashion designs, experiment with colors, patterns, and textures, and bring their ideas to life digitally. This hands-on approach enhances student engagement and creativity.
  3. Virtual Fashion Design Studio: Digital Fashion Pro can serve as a virtual fashion design studio in the classroom. Students can utilize the software to sketch, create, and refine their designs. Teachers can provide guidance, feedback, and critiques on student work directly within the software, fostering a collaborative and interactive learning environment.
  4. Design Analysis and Critiques: Teachers can use Digital Fashion Pro to analyze and critique student designs. They can review the design elements, proportions, color schemes, and overall aesthetics of the student’s work. This allows for constructive feedback and encourages students to refine their designs based on the teacher’s input.
  5. Portfolio Development: Digital Fashion Pro enables students to create a digital portfolio of their fashion designs. Teachers can guide students in compiling their best work, organizing their designs, and preparing them for presentations or college applications. This helps students showcase their skills and creativity to potential employers or institutions.
  6. Industry-Relevant Skills: By incorporating Digital Fashion Pro into the curriculum, teachers can equip students with industry-relevant skills. Students gain experience in using fashion design software, which is widely used in the industry. This prepares them for future careers in fashion design and related fields.
  7. Collaborative Projects: Digital Fashion Pro allows students to collaborate on design projects. Teachers can assign group projects where students work together to design and develop cohesive fashion collections. The software enables real-time collaboration and sharing of designs among team members.

By incorporating Digital Fashion Pro into fashion design courses, teachers can enhance the learning experience, provide practical design tools, and prepare students for the realities of the fashion industry. It fosters creativity, technical skills, and a deeper understanding of the design process.



North Iowa Area Community College Quote – On Digital Fashion Pro


“The software has been a big hit and we continue to use it with girls groups to introduce them to technology in a fun way. I work with the Girl Scouts, 4-H groups, Consumer Science classes in the schools, and this summer a teen reading program at a local library that is focusing on Creativity. It really has been a big success.


We recently just had our annual event called Girls Gone Tech Day. We had 2 groups with over 60 middle school girls in one group and over 40 in the high school girl group for these events. We had them in on two separate days. During this event as well as during our regular events throughout the year we let the girls work with the software, and have them engage in activities where they start their own mock clothing lines. We also have it where young women from the college teach the software to the girls when they come in for the programs as well.


Thank you for all of your help with getting the software available for our use. It really has worked out very well.


Thanks again.

Mary Mosiman – IT Program Leader, North Iowa Area Community College”



Here is what a Fashion Academy Department Head stated from IADT:

“Arrington and Harper have created a real-world manual to starting a fashion business for any apparel designer. The Official Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line is a comprehensive handbook for fashion entrepreneurs, and having the inside track from two successful designers who started from the ground floor is absolutely inspiring!”

–Julie P. Fashion Design Chair, International Academy of Design and Technology — MI.