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Hellfire Club T-shirt – from netflix’s stanger things – How to Design a T-shirt

Hellfire Club T-shirt - Stranger Things

Did you watch Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4? If you did, you definitely noticed the very cool Hellfire Club T-shirt. This awesome shirt with the vey cool logo is madly popular right now. We decided to re-create this soon to be iconic shirt using the fashion design program Digital Fashion Pro. With Digital Fashion Pro, you can create artwork and then add that artwork to hundreds of clothing templates. Each Digital Fashion Pro template can be customized and altered to create a new style. With this Hellfire Club T-shirt, we first went with the Baseball Style, 3 Quarter Sleeve T-shirt. Also, how cool is that hat? With Digital Fashion Pro, you will learn how to design a T-shirt. And you know, we all love a great tee!


We then decided to create this Hellfire Club T-shirt with Red Sleeves.

Hellfire Club Stranger Things T-shirt with Red Sleeves

With the Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software System, users can easily create variation style and colorways. If you want to design T-shirts or any other type of clothing, you can look to Digital Fashion Pro to help you out. Designing your own club shirt is only a step away. The program is super easy and you do not have to know how to draw in order to create professional fashion sketches and clothing designs. Check it out today at:


Disclaimer: Netflix’s Stranger Things Hellfire Club Logo appears courtesy of Netflix Respectively – All Rights Reserved to Netflix’s Corporation. No other claims, endorsement or ownership claim is made to Netflix or Stranger Things.

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